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A New Vision..emotionism

January 9th, 2010

A New Vision..emotionism

to look back through the history of art, artwork has always changed and challenged the status quo..branching off, and forging with other ideas to create a new way to look at the world we live in, to see life in a new mind set that might not have been seen before..emotionism, my brand of art is my attempt at that. i have always looked up to the artists of old, the past greats that have broken the molds, that have opened eyes to a different world that only existed in there own soul. such artists as van gogh,dali, piccasso and even munch..artists that paved the ways for other artists to express the visions that were deep in there hearts, yet were not the norm of the rigid classes of art in there time and era..trend setters, rule breakers, yet they kept the sense and practicalities of what art truly was, the utter and visual expression of life that was around them, through the depths of there own eyes. so with this being said, i invite you to see through my eyes, to view my thoughts and...