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Michael TMAD Finney

Dowagiac, MI


Emotions are deeply rooted in the psychological mind, the inner workings of thought can at times be construed or viewed in methods that are somewhat unconventional. Meaning that we as humans are at times abstract in our thinking processes. Abstract constructs fused simultaneously with expressive and surrealistic features can create not only a visual of emotional impulses, yet also cause a strong emotional and mental connection in viewing. This is what Emotionism conveys.

Emotionism- the basic foundation..

Emotionism is a style made from combining surreal, Abstract and expression, along with color and flow, to create a visual of emotion, thought processes and or a piece that resonates an emotional connection through visual form.

Depending on the artist's perspective, Emotionism can be expressed in a wide variety of ways, ranging from an inner psychological manner, to a physical interpretation of gestures.

As long as an expression of Emotion or an inner psychological view of a thought process that could exhibit an emotional response is intended, a piece can be considered Emotionist in form.


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lakeside lighthouse by Michael TMAD Finney


marina nights by Michael TMAD Finney


empty harbor by Michael TMAD Finney


pumpkins by Michael TMAD Finney


Wulfskull #2 by Michael TMAD Finney


Wulfskull #1 by Michael TMAD Finney


Wulfskull#3 by Michael TMAD Finney


Wulfskull#4 by Michael TMAD Finney